How To Make Your Love Last: Secrets To An Ever-Lasting Relationship

Perhaps, it’s like an eon ago, but can you still remember the feeling when you and your partner first started dating? That magical time when you can never be separated and you can’t keep your hands off each other!

In fact, every time you were together, you can’t help yourself and end up making love. Likewise, when you two aren’t together, you can’t stop thinking about each other and you miss the ‘other half’ a lot. The moment you see each other again, it feels so exhilarating, your heart races, and you get butterflies in your stomach.

If you’re thinking that something is wrong with you, nothing is.

Truth be told, the rush you’re experiencing is because of the chemical hormones, such as dopamine, phenylethylamine (PEA), and norephinephrineare that are being released in your body.

This is also the reason why our hearts beat rapidly and we feel that we’re on cloud 9 whenever that special someone is around. The kind of happiness we feel isn’t that much different than what junkies feel every time they do cocaine.

The Physiology of Love

Happy Couple In A FieldUnfortunately, after 18 to 48 months, our body becomes immune to these wonderful chemicals.

The body produces another set of chemicals, like endorphins and oxytocin. These chemicals are similar to morphine.

They could reduce our anxiety and make us feel relaxed. However, we have to admit– our everyday life is a struggle– we need to deal with stress from work, home, children, and the list goes on.

This could be some of the reasons why the relationship is not as ‘fiery’ as it used to be.

Fortunately, there’s a good news! Keep the fire burning by following these steps.

Go out on dates

Being married or getting older shouldn’t stop you from going out on dates. If you have kids, you could hire a babysitter to watch over them. Enjoy the night, just like how you used to enjoy it during the courtship stage.

Keep in mind, being a father or mother doesn’t mean that you stopped being lovers. Yes, the kids should be one of your priorities, but you should also make your partner (and yourself) feel important every now and then.

Sex should always be exciting

Just like what the famous Dr. Phil said, “Use it or lose it.”

Physical intimacy is very essential in a relationship. Do what you want, speak up, and enjoy every moment of it. If you’re sexually satisfied and you feel that your partner needs you, this would give you a motivation to strengthen the ties.

Take a bath

According to a study made by the State of Dating in America, many relationships don’t last because of poor hygiene. Likewise, some relationships don’t even work at all because of this.

Come to think of it, would you be interested in spending the rest of your life with someone who smells bad and looks unappealing? Of course not. That’s why we spend hours preparing for our date.

Also, if you’re already married, it’s not an excuse to neglect yourself. This would make you lose your appeal, and your partner might start looking for someone else.

Be spontaneous

Every day should be filled with excitement and surprises. Find new things that both of you enjoy.

Why not sign up for cooking classes, go on a taco crawl, or a wine tasting event. These are just some of the great ways to bond.

Be fit

Don’t be a couch potato.

It’s not an excuse that you already feel steady and there’s no need to continue being ‘vain.’ Ideally, you should always look like the person your partner fell in love with.

Be as attractive as possible and actually care about keeping yourself as healthy as possible. Lose weight if you gained some.

In short, stay irresistible.

Put some creativity in your sex life

Role play, try new positions, experiment with toys, do anything! No need to feel ashamed or embarrassed, speak out and do what you want.

Show appreciation at random times

No need to wait for a special occasion. Make your partner feel special everyday.

You can do this by giving little gifts whenever you can. And just so you know, “gifts” doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy something.

You can show appreciation by doing little things like leaving them a sweet note, giving a foot massage, or even telling them you’ve got dishes this time and they should go sit down and relax.

60-second kisses

Most married couples only give each other pecks when leaving the house. Remember, you’re saying goodbye to your lover, not to your aunt.

Kiss her on the lips and show how much you love her.

Be naughty

Guys get visually aroused. Ladies, take advantage of it. Whenever you go out on a date, do something naughty.

You can excuse yourself to the bathroom and remove your panties. When you go back, hand it to your man or just flash your beautiful flower! Be discreet so you don’t let anyone else see.

As an alternative, when you excuse yourself and go to the bathroom, text your man something dirty about what you’d like to do to him after dinner. If you need dirty talk ideas, Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire is an excellent resource. You can learn more by reading this Language of Desire review.

Give what your partner needs

We saved the best for last. This is the most crucial thing in order to have a long-lasting relationship. Likewise, it’s also one of the best ways to ensure that no matter what happens, you’ll always be there for each other.

You don’t need to follow all these steps. Though, if you can, try your best to incorporate some in your daily routine. They are sure to keep the fire burning.

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